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Motorsport Grade Rear Solid Axle

Rear Solid Axle 4 Link Rear Trailing Arms Configuration. CNC from billet aluminum

All Metal Center Transmission

All metal gears center transmission with integrated adjustable slipper clutch

MegaShocks Goes Beyond "Big Bore"

Hard Anodized 38mm Solid Aluminum Body with 8mm Shaft. Largest in the RC industry. Rear shock is almost 12 inch

Kraken RC Style Full Scale Roll Cage

Hi impact super tough polymer provides all around protection to internal components

True Scale Looks = Realism!

Welcome to the new level!
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Kraken RC would like to introduce the KRAKEN VEKTA.5 or in short, KV5. The KV5 is the world’s first and most advanced motorsport grade 1/5th scale RC. It is a hard-core 1/5th Scale vehicle recommended for expert level users only. With an aggressive roll cage and body design inspired by Shannon Campbell’s Class 1 named “The Beast”, It is one Monster buggy that chews up everything in it’s path - Literally! Welcome to the Next Level!

The Design Concept
The vision behind the KV5 is to create a new platform that is completely unique. We believe we have achieved our vision with the VEKTA.5. It is BIG and BOLD with only one word to describe it - “THE BEAST”! The KV5 is an Independent Front Suspension and Rear Solid Axle design that brings real-world fun and excitement to the 1/5th scale RC world. The KV5 uses an “open design” in which everything can be easily accessed and removed with minimal fuss. Installing an engine for example only takes a matter of minutes. 

We also understand that an RC is not an RC without exciting hop-ups. Therefore, during the development of the KV5, we reached out to companies like DDM and Turtle Racing to future-proof your investment. Please be on the look out for exciting after-market hop-ups coming from them.

Front Section
The Front section of the KV5 comprises of heavy duty nylon arms designed to absorb hard impacts. It is designed with Independent Front Suspensions and supported by our MEGA SHOCKS. Shocks are anchored on a massive 8mm thick CNC Shock Tower. The articulation of the A-Arms are supported by 8mm steel hinge pins. To absorb huge jumps, our MEGA SHOCKS are equipped with 38mm aluminum oil filled shock body and 8mm shock shafts. The front and rear drivelines are CVD based with 8mm drive shafts. An all metal differential is housed in a heavy duty Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon housing. The front arms allow camber adjustments for fine tuning. 

Mid Section
The main chassis is made out of a heavy duty 5mm aluminum plate. The front to mid section of the driveline is non CVD. This means that you can easily detach the entire front assembly with arms, shock towers, differentials etc. intact for quick maintenance or to replace the center dog bone quickly. If you choose the option with an engine, we have partnered up with Zenoah of Japan to include the G320RC engine. It is the biggest and baddest production engine made by Zenoah - One that is only suited for “The Beast”. The KV5 offers a unique plenum style air filter. It is essentially a filtered air chamber for an engine. There are many benefits to using a plenum style air filter.  It enables the KV5 to achieve a slimmer chassis design. This design opens doors to other future body iterations for the KV5.

The center transmission comprises of CNC cut heavy duty steel Pinion, Step, and Spur Gears. As an added bonus, we have designed the Spur gear with an inclusion of an adjustable Slipper Clutch for protection to the driveline. You can also fine tune the clutch according to your driving conditions. The Slipper Clutch is easily adjustable with a M4 driver from the top of the transmission. The center transmission is supported by 2 aluminum plates  enclosed by a removable Lexan shroud to protect the gears from dirt and grime.

Rear Section
The rear section is a 4 link triangulation design with 2 - 12mm upper links bars that help center the monster Rear Solid Axle. The rear trailing arms are fully adjustable in height. When rock racing, the trailing arms can be adjusted up to 2 inches higher than it’s original stock position for better clearance . The monster rear axle and trailing arms are all CNC precision machined and are virtually indestructible. Toe-ins of the tires are adjustable simply by rotating the hub adapters at the ends of the Rear Solid Axle. The positions are visually marked and are referenced by a technical chart in the manual. 

An all metal differential unit is housed in the rear solid axle and is enclosed with a CNC aluminum housing plate. The rear drive shaft design is of a telescoping style with U-Joints, similar to the 1:1 off road trucks. Splined Joint design enables you to detach the rear solid axle quickly from the main chassis by simply removing 5 screws from the RSA adapters. Just like what we have set out to do from the beginning, we want wrenching to be fun and easy.

Two 5mm vertical aluminum plates uphold our MEGA SHOCKS. To put things into perspective, these shocks are a little shy of 12 inches in length (approx 300mm). They are BIG. The rear section is designed much like a roll cage; trussed with 5 - 10mm aluminum bars and it houses the fuel tank. Rear torsion levers and 4.5 mm sway bar finishes off the design of the rear. 

KV5 ARTR is equipped with 2 - TS-555HV 1/4 scale servos. Both steering and throttle/brake employ the same servos. These servos are specially designed and manufactured just for the KV5 rig. They pump out 694 oz/inch of torque using a 7.4 2S Lipo. A 6V NIMH battery can also be used at a lesser torque output of 555 oz/inch. For the KV5, we highly recommend using a 2S LIPO battery for optimal steering and braking. These servos are backed by a Limited 1YR Warranty.

The Best of Rest
A massive one piece heavy duty roll cage encapsulates and protects the chassis and it’s internals. It is a one piece scale design and can be easily detached by removing 4 bolts and a pin. The KV5 ARTR is equipped with KRAKEN ATDs - “All Terrain Dominator”. These are aggressive, heavily threaded, multi-compound tires designed for long term wear and heavy duty bashing. They also provide great grip in any driving conditions. Wheel hexes are of the standard 24mm hex. After-Market wheel and tire options are bountiful should you decide to modify your rig at anytime.

These are just some of the highlights of the KV5. It would be impossible for us to list them all. The best way to experience “THE BEAST” is to pick one up for yourself!


  • Radio
  • Battery
  • Engine (If option 1 is selected)
  • Gasoline
  • 2 Stroke Oil


  • True Scale 4WD Class 1500 Unlimited Buggy
  • Full Roll Cage 
  • Front: Independent Front Suspension
  • Rear Solid Axle (Billet Aluminum CNC)
  • Rear Trailing Arms (Billet Aluminum CNC)
  • 4 LINK Suspension
  • All Around CVDs
  • All metal diff housing and hardened gears
  • Center all metal transmission with adjustable slipper clutch
  • Telescoping universal drive shaft
  • Hard Anodized 38mm MegaShocks with 8mm shaft
  • 1/4 Scale Servos Included


  • Type: CLASS 1500 Buggy 4WD
  • Scale:1/5 - 2 Stroke Gas Vehicle
  • Engine Type: Zenoah 32cc G320 (ARTR with Engine option)
  • 1/4 Scale Servos Included for both ARTRs
  • Length: 34.8in (884mm)
  • Width: 22.83in (580mm)
  • Height: 12.60in (320mm)
  • Battery Box Dimensions L: 120mm W: 51mm H: 47.5mm
  • Ground Clearance: 1.97in (50mm) adjustable to 3.98in (100mm)
  • Wheelbase:  23.94in (608mm)
  • Weight: 37.8 lbs (17.14 kg) - Without Motor
  • Main Chassis: 5mm thick 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Suspension: 2 Front-Wheel Independent with Rear Solid Axle
  • Drivetrain: 4WD - Front and Rear Differentials with Center Transmission
  • All Metal Center Transmission with adjustable slipper clutch
  • All metal gears in the differential housing
  • Tire Type: All Terrain Dominator, heavy threads for long wear. Medium compound
  • Wheel Size: 7.32x2.91 in  (186x74mm)
  • Gear Ratio= 1:10.079


  • Kraken Model TS-555HV (Waterproof)
  • Operation Voltage 6V-7.4V
  • Torque 555 oz/in @6V, 694 oz/in @7.V using 2S LIPO
  • Speed 0.19sec/60 at 6V/0.17/60@ 7.4V
  • Rated Current 3500mA @6V/4500mA@7.4V
  • Continuos Current 600mA @6V/ 700mA @7.4V
  • Neutral Point 1500us
  • Dimensions 82x30x56.5mm
  • Weight 7 oz
  • Gears Type - Metal
  • Wiring White - Signal
  • Wiring Red - 6V-7.4V
  • Wiring Black - Ground
  • Connector Type - Futaba or JR
  • Ingress Protection - IPX7
  • Enclosure  Aluminum Anodized Case (Waterproof)
  • Servos Warranty - 1 YR Limited Warranty

Warning: Kraken RC servos are incompatible with SPEKTRUM radios and may result in vehicle failure, burn out or loss of control. We highly recommend using only the following radios - Futaba 3PV, Futaba 4PL, Futaba 4PLS, 4PV, 4PX. If you want an affordable radio that works, you can use the Tactic 3TTX300. Warranty may be VOID if SPEKTRUM radio is used. KRAKEN RC cannot be held liable if there are damages caused by runaways due to using SPEKTRUM Radio.


Photo Gallery


True Scale Design and Possibilities

  • image VEKTA.5's design was inspired by Off Road Hall of Famer Shannon Campbell's Class 1. Read more on Shannon's Class 1 build and Baja 1000 race at Driveline.com WATCH NOW!

    Shannon Campbell's Class 1

  • image Wrapped in Black Shannon Campbell's themed wrap designed by Thunder Designs. Wraps are optional showing design possibilities.

    Kraken RC's VEKTA.5

  • image Realistic touches on the roll cage makes the cage stands out. Wraps are optional showing design possibilities.

    VEKTA.5's One piece Roll Cage

  • image A special request wrap by Levi Shirley of Lucky Dog Racing. 2015 King Of the Hammers National Champion. Wraps are optional showing design possibilities. WATCH NOW!

    Levi Shirley Maxxis VEKTA.5 wrap

  • image Rear of view of the KV5 showing the 4 link suspension and a ginormous CNC Rear Solid Axle! Wraps are optional showing design possibilities.

    Levi Shirley Maxxis VEKTA.5 wrap

  • image Aggressive Racing Style of the Maxxis wrap for the KV5. Wraps are optional showing design possibilities.

    Levi Shirley Maxxis VEKTA.5 wrap

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